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Showing 1 - 26 of 26 products
Hayfield Baby Blossom Chunky Cardigan Pattern
Maggie Pattern
Rowan Maggie Pattern
Sale price$7.00
Jade Scarf Pattern
Rowan Jade Scarf Pattern
Sale price$7.00
Chevron Scarf Pattern
Rowan Chevron Scarf Pattern
Sale price$7.00
Column Cowl Pattern
Rowan Column Cowl Pattern
Sale price$7.00
Double Loop Cowl
Rowan Double Loop Cowl
Sale price$7.00
Fairisle Wrap
Rowan Fairisle Wrap
Sale price$7.00
Mosiac Shawl
Rowan Mosiac Shawl
Sale price$7.00
Houndstooth Scarf
Rowan Houndstooth Scarf
Sale price$7.00
Hybrid Cowl Pattern
Rowan Hybrid Cowl Pattern
Sale price$7.00
Patchwork Pattern
Rowan Patchwork Pattern
Sale price$7.00
Bassett Cowl Pattern
Rowan Bassett Cowl Pattern
Sale price$7.00
Coldwater Cowl
Livonia Shawl
Lombard Hat
Blue Sky Fibers Lombard Hat
Sale price$3.00
Rowan Quick Knits
Rowan Rowan Quick Knits
Sale price$18.40
Rowan Edition Two
Rowan Rowan Edition Two
Sale price$18.00
Four Projects Four Seasons
Four Projects Alpaca Classic
Rowan Soft Luxe 4 Projects
Four Projects Moordale
Rowan Four Projects Moordale
Sale price$6.00
Mode Collection Nine
Rowan Mode Collection Nine
Sale price$20.50
Winter Haze
Rowan Winter Haze
Sale price$19.00
Kid Silk Haze Accessories
Rowan Magazine 74 - My Way
Woodland Pattern Book by Martin Storey

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